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Rob Blomfield

Sunshine Coast Gunsmithing is owned and operated by Rob Blomfield, based on the Sunshine Coast near Pomona, Queensland, Australia.

Rob Blomfield is recognised throughout Australia as a specialist who provides all aspects of Gunsmithing to assist Australia’s Gun and Rifle owners.


Daniel Lanzon has recently joined Sunshine Coast Gunsmithing.
He is a fully qualified machinist, specialising in precession fitting of barrels and all other precession machining work. As well as handling the
general gunsmithing, it is allowing us to offer better turnaround times on your gunsmithing work.

SCGunsmithing services range from high end custom manufacturing through to parts replacement. The full service workshop and their expertise can tackle the most challenging build, adjustment or repair.

Quality and precision is demanded by the customer and Rob delivers a meticulous and well planned outcome. “If it’s been made before we can make it again.”

With over 40 years of experience this family operated Gunsmith Business delivers on their reputation.

Gun Case


Sunshine Coast Gunsmithing can now offer our customers a new service - to fully restore English gun cases. 

They are done in Australia by an Australian craftsman.  Interiors can also be refitted for non original guns. 

We would also like to buy any old cases for parts – regardless of condition.


We are stocking the following products.



New Defiance Machine Action




Various competition triggers


Please phone or email for details.


As well as repairs, restoration and custom builds we often have a small number of firearms for sale as well as miscellaneous items that could be of interest.


Search our For Sale page to see what we have and if there is something that catches your eye feel free to Contact Us.


Custom Bolt Knobs

Bolt knobs

Featured Articles What We Do


We have been featuring articles of custom works in the "Diesel n Dust" magazine under the Hunting section, of a 'Custom Built Sporting Rifle'. These are the articles that have run to date.

Issue 3- "Reloaded"

Issue 4 - "Custom Built Rifle"

Issue 5 - "Custom Built Rifle"

Issue 6 - "Custom Built Rifle"

Diesel n Dust Magazine can be purchased from your newsagent or via subscription including previous issues.

We provide a

"Total Gunsmithing Service" and specialise in custom gunsmithing, building several types of custom firearms, such as custom Tactical rifles, custom Target rifles and Big game rifles.

We conduct repairs and modifications to firearms as well as total refurbishing of quality shotguns and other antiques.

Our custom rifles built at our shop can include total action blueprinting, the use of top quality barrels, stocks, triggers and other accessories.

Find out more about what we have to offer, please go to our Services , or if you would like to see some of the guns we have worked on, browse through our Custom Builds or the Projects page to see a more detailed build.

If you have an enquiry about a particular item you have seen or would like us to repair, alter, or build, please go to the Contact Us page and leave us your details and ideas.


Sunshine Coast Gunsmithing is owned and operated by

Rob Blomfield.

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